Are you a North American company looking for world-renowned, highly skilled IT specialists to help grow your business? The good news is that we can help. The even better news is that you can stay innovative while saving time and money. We are a Canadian company that specializes in helping fellow North American companies find the right professionals for their IT projects and needs. Do you need help with a specific IT project or is this an on-going venture? Whether short-term or long-term, tell us what you need and we go to work. Our technical professionals have the expertise to get you moving forward on your project. Outsourcing with KARY Tech Solutions, enables your company to get IT talent while you save. What you save is the time and cost of employing a technical professional (human resources, salary, overhead, benefits), allowing you to allocate those savings to further business growth.

Our English-fluent, professional technicians are based in Serbia, a country renowned for its technical expertise and talent. Whether you are looking for a junior business analyst or a senior programmer, or a team of experts, just let us know what skill set you are looking for or the innovative project you want to get started.

We match you up with the right tech talent to get you moving forward, on time, on budget and professionally managed.

Answer the questions on the form below today, fill in your name and best email address so that we can provide you with ideas of how we can help you solve your IT recruitment headaches and save you money. 


Our project managers are skilled experts in the most current methodologies and proficient in working on small or large IT projects. What this means is that you can be confident that your project has the right resources allocated, while staying on time and within budget.


It’s a simple process for you. We find you the right experts and they get working. KARY Tech Solutions eliminates the need for you to look after payroll, human resource issues, payment of benefits.