Among the Best in the World – Serbian Tech Talent

Named as one of the tech hotspots in the world – Serbia has drawn the attention of many large outsourcing tech companies across the world.  Not only outsourcing but companies such as Google, Microsoft, SAP and NCR have decided to set up shop in Serbia over the last few years due to the number of capable IT talent ready and willing and able. 

You may ask, why Serbia?  What makes it such a great choice for employing tech talent? 

Tech Savvy

Serbia is ranked 5th in the world among developers.  With an education system strongly focused on mathematics and logic, Serbia produces a large pool of students in the fields of engineering, physics, mathematics and technology every year.  The latest figures indicate that 30% of all Serbian University students are currently enrolled in Engineering, Mathematics, IT and Computing with over 35 higher education institutes in the nation offering these programs.  This is expected to grow over the next few years, as the Ministry of Education is expanding and accepting more engineering, mathematics and tech-focused students each year, and has made computer programming a mandatory subject in primary school.  

Serbia is Highly English Proficient 

All Serbian students spend a minimum of 8 years learning English which is probably why Serbia ranks high in English proficiency worldwide. The ability to communicate clearly in business is a key consideration, and Serbian IT talent has proven itself in this regard, outperforming many other European countries. In fact, many Serbian professionals have excellent proficiency in an additional foreign language such as German, Spanish, Italian, French or Russian. 

Culturally compatible North American companies

Serbia is in a Central European time zone that overlaps at least 4 hours with North American Eastern time zone business hours.  A modern European nation, Serbia is well known for its friendly openness towards visitors and tourists and also extends a cultural affinity towards North American companies making it easy to work with. 


Expert technical skills and high English proficiency give Serbian IT professionals the competitive edge in the world of outsourcing, however, cost-effectiveness is one additional factor that may provide a real advantage to companies hiring Serbian IT professionals.  Serbian companies and outsourcing are very competitively priced when compared to domestic North American professionals as well as many other outsourcing countries. Cost-savings shouldn’t be the focus of any innovative commitment, however, when quality and professionalism are leading edge, cost-effectiveness can be the competitive advantage to allow a company to make more serious innovative investments and growth possible. 

Why Outsource?

As we become ever more digitalized and technologically dependent, the demand for IT professionals increases.  There is a real domestic IT shortage and many companies are feeling the crunch. Getting the best IT talent means paying. Indeed, the domestic IT sector is seeing fast-growing salary increases to balance ever-growing demand.  The problem with delaying innovative projects is stagnation in a time where stagnation can mean business failure. Outsourcing your IT and innovative projects can be a wise strategic decision if you can ensure quality and positive collaboration.  Serbia is leading edge in this regard and partnering with a trusted group of professionals can be the key to your company’s growth and success.

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