Quickeye Tracker

What is Quickeye Tracker?

Quickeye Tracker is a business intelligence tool that can give you the insight you need to protect your online sales against fraud.

Who can it help?

E-commerce sites, particularly companies offering online bookings (i.e. travel, transportation and lodging), can benefit by maximizing sales and bookings to valid customers while protecting against fraudulent bookings and transactions.  It can improve customer satisfaction and reduce ‘bad press’ due to overbooking incidents.

How does it work?

Tracker has several specific rules for determining whether a transaction is fraud suspicious.

When a transaction is deemed suspicious, it is highlighted and red-flagged immediately. This can be displayed in real-time on a map showing origin of the fraud-suspicious booking as well as being captured for reporting and tracking purposes. Quickeye Tracker alerts internal company systems which can then take precautionary measures in order to prevent the fraudulent transaction from being completed.

Quickeye Tracker benefits:

  • Seamless integration with e-commerces sites, using REST API architecture
  • Responsive design allowing visual display on various devices
  • Real-time reporting, allowing aggregrate views for current or historic sales geographically on a world-map (last 6h, 24h or 7 days).
  • Protects inventory and improves sales
  • Transaction rules can be fully customized and adjusted based on the preferences and requirements of the user
  • Compliant with privacy laws
  • Easy to implement

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