Revenue Integrity

What is Revenue Integrity?

A software tool geared at inventory protection for airlines. The RI Package consists of three modules:

  • Ticket Time Limit (solution for un-ticketed reservations)
  • Churn (solution for duplicate reservations)
  • Duplicate segments modules (solution for agency abuse)

How can Revenue Integrity help?

  • Increase profitability on the network by freeing resalable seats. 
  • Improve accuracy of passenger reservations by enabling your airline to eliminate unproductive bookings;
  • Gives accurate information about the booking and concrete results which can be used to prevent inventory abuse.

What can Revenue Integrity do?

  • Targets the host system through web services in the search for the freshly created PNR, by applying a set of predefined rules. 
  • You can set specific time limits to un-ticketed bookings;
  • Apply different business rules for different classes, dates of departures and different capacity levels;
  • Identify and address duplicate bookings;
  • Recognize and capturing agencies abuse actions;
  • Produce customized RI reports

Our team offers a complete Cost VS Benefits breakdown for the Revenue Integrity tool.  

The analysis would consider: 

  • Current lost opportunities
  • Conversion rate with the RI tool (capture 30% approximately according to industry standards from the lost opportunity)
  • Cost of RI implementation
  • Cost of business as usual (annual, model explanation, charges per PB)
  • Total savings first year
  • Assumption of passenger booking annual growth
  • Total expected annual savings after the first year (next three years)

Revenue Integrity team offers support and consultancy in:

  • Inventory Management & Overbooking modeling
  • Total Project Management & Quality Assurance in the implementation of new PSS functionalities
  • Web service architecture
  • Airline unique Business Process Modeling