Web App Development

We’ll help you with your web app from concept, to design, to development and even maintenance. Our team specializes in developing web applications with mid to high level complexity. Whether it’s software-as-a-service (SaaS), on-demand custom software, chrome extensions, CRM, CMS, e-commerce solutions or other.  We’ll help you realize your innovative web solution.

Mobile App Development

Need a custom mobile application for IOS, Android and Windows phones? We work with three different approaches to building mobile apps – native apps, hybrid apps and progressive web apps. We will help you decide which approach best suits your needs.

VR/AR Development

Our team has the expertise and resources to develop and assist with your VR and AR projects. We can help you analyze AR or VR ideas, create a custom-made 360-degree VR immersion solution, create an AR-based training software, or build new AR/VR functionalities for your existing product. 

Blockchain Development

We can provide valuable consultations and blockchain development services that will help you leverage the extreme potential of this leading edge technology. Our extensive experience in developing products for the industries that most commonly use blockchain solutions such as fintech, healthcare, supply chain management and real estate, give us both the insight and know-how to make your blockchain project happen.

Desktop App Solutions

Because of new technologies, desktop apps provide the same or even better user experience than web applications. We’ll help you create a custom user experience that suits your business, whether it’s a custom back office solution or a custom software to manage your work, no matter your industry or the size of your company.

Tech Talent Recruitment

We are passionate about connecting world-renowned IT talent with North American companies. You tell us what skill-set you are looking for and we will find it!