Getting to Know the Ladies of Kary Tech and What They Do

In this short video (17:21 minutes), we chat about how Mary and I met and how we came to create our vision which is now Kary Tech Solutions.  If you wondered how we came up with the name? Well, it is of course, a combination of my name and Mary’s, hence Kary.

Mary and I have enjoyed a long friendship of about 18 years but during that time, Mary moved to Serbia with her family.  Upon a visit back, Mary and I reconnected and together we chatted about how we could work together to help Canadian companies grow.

The idea for Kary Tech began to germinate and through continued discussion and visioning, it was born.

You are probably asking what do we do exactly, right? In short, we do tech outsourcing and recruiting.

  • Tech outsourcing – We have a dedicated team where we work with companies that have a project in mind to automate some of their business processes, improve efficiencies and save on operational costs but do not have the tech department to develop this software.
  • Recruitment – For those companies that are looking for a dedicated member to join their tech team, we can help find top-notch talent.

How Do We Work?

Client engagement is key here.  They might have an idea for the creation of an app but have no idea how to bring it to life OR if they truly need one.  That is where we come in.  Through conversations we can help home in on the client’s pain points and devise the best solution.

I think by watching our video, you will get a sense of who we are.  We would love to hear from you. You may connect with us through our website or by emailing us at:


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