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When you think about remote workers you might imagine laid-back digital nomads sitting in a cafe typing away on a laptop or on a beach in a sunny, tropical country. That’s true for some people but the majority of people who work remotely, do so from home. While remote working offers the flexibility to work from anywhere, a recent study from, State of Remote Report 2020, shows 80% of people work primarily from home.  Only 3% say they work mostly from a cafe! 

If you’re an employer who’s toyed with the idea of hiring remote team members, but worry about the focus and dedication of remote workers, studies show otherwise. Remote workers represent a dedicated group of professionals who would love to continue working remotely for the balance of their careers. Fifty-eight percent of remote workers say the main benefits are the flexibility of where and when they can work. Read our previous article here that goes into greater detail about the benefits to both the employee and the employer on working remotely.

The level of work-life balance is high among remote workers because they have the freedom of working from any location, eliminating commute time, and can spend more time with their families. 

Remote Workers – Benefits: 

  • The ability to hire highly talented professionals
  • No limitations of where candidates live
  • An expanded pool of candidates – greater choice for employers
  • Remote workers can be less expensive – lower salary expectations
  • Contract workers not employees – more flexibility
  • Lower employment costs – no health benefits, vacation or sick leave
  • Reduced overhead – office space, computers, desk equipment, supplies

Have you had difficulty filling positions due to scarcity or the high cost of employing qualified candidates?

A remote position may be the right solution for your company.  Sourcing the right talent by going beyond your region, country or continent can help your company grow, meet its innovative goals and save you money. 

Employing remote workers effectively does require the use of inclusive collaboration hubs. Microsoft Teams or Slack, for example, can improve team-wide communication and information sharing. The digital workplace is becoming the norm. The wide array of project management platforms and video conferencing software are great tools to bring team members together regardless of location. 

remote workers
Video Conferencing – Bringing the World Together

Environmental Benefits

The implications of a growing remote workforce have even greater implications for our society moving forward.  Laurel Farrer,  Founder of the Remote Work Association, believes the benefits of remote work “are so much bigger than just convenience and work-life balance. When we eliminate commutes and empower professionals to choose their workplaces, the entire world is impacted. Carbon emissions and energy usage are dramatically reduced, transportation infrastructures are less congested and last longer, family dynamics and mental health are stronger, teams are more diverse and inclusive, the urban-rural divide shrinks, consumer debt decreases, and the list goes on. Virtual jobs aren’t just changing the future of work, they’re changing the future of our global society.”

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